No Family is Perfect

Independent feature film Good Enough is a coming of age comedic drama that asks the question, does your past dictate your future? When Lorna Flynn, a New York City based flight attendant, discovers her estranged father passes she wants to know more, but is frustrated at what little there is to find. When she learns that her Dad had a brother she never knew about, she sets off on a journey to find this long, lost uncle believing he may hold the key to understanding more about her father and, thus, herself.


Behind the Scenes

Artist Statement

As a filmmaker I am interested in the stories of the things people do to get themselves out of the pain they are in. As has been my experience, laughter plays a huge role. Our film, Good Enough, deals with the complicated grief of losing someone you expected to have more of a relationship with, but never do. These processes of grief and of finding a place in the world are complicated, subterranean in ourselves, and involve reinventing yourself and your story. Despite this intense thematic undercurrent, the film is actually uplifting and comedic... I promise! Ultimately, it’s a film about finding peace in what relationships one has, instead of the chaos in what one doesn’t, both in family and love life.

Good Enough is an “improvised” feature film. I began with a scriptment, the blueprint for the movie, and worked with many talented improvisational actors I know from Upright Citizens Brigade, The People’s Improv Theater, Groundlings, and Second City to arrive at the final script and film. Initially this process was a way for me to keep fresh as an actor, but it ended up being a way for me to uncover my own feelings at the loss of my father and arrive at what I believe is an honest film about the loss of finding out your parents are just people doing the best they can.